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Default Kailee: David's Prom 2008

It's a bit early to be talking about next year's prom fashions, but the campaigns are beginning to roll out. I doubt that anyone will be able to match Kelsey Olson (accompanied by Lindsey G.) for Aurora Formals, which yielded so many gorgeous images, but Kailee has a new series out for David's Prom:

I have to say, I think her campaign for a different prom retailer last year was a little bit better, both in terms of the pictures and the gowns. More importantly, Kailee might have been a bit fuller-figured then (and therefore even more beautiful). But the dresses and images are nevertheless lovely.

This is my favourite gown in the collection, the most opulent and extravagantly feminine:

I love the ruched bodice and the folds of fabric in the skirt area.

I also find this style flattering in terms of the bust, and Kailee shows if off especially well:

Kailee also strikes an effective pose in this gown. I love how she plays with her hair, and the wrap in her hand makes for visual interest:

Very beautiful, but I continue to wish that she were a bit fuller-figured...
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