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Default Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images

For fans of Miss Olson (which is to say, for every admirer of true beauty in the world), here is a close-up of Kelsey in the latest girlish print tee from Torrid. She looks . . . dreamy is the word that comes to mind.

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Kelsey is also currently modelling several hats in Torrid's "Accessories" section. The pictures are well worth a look, if only to see her soft facial features up close. Her beauty truly is breathtaking. Note the faintest whisper of a blush on her apple cheeks.

Click to view image source

At this time of year, even those of us with a secular bent cannot help but entertain thoughts of heaven. With her delicately fair features and porcelain complexion, Kelsey truly seems to be an angel in human form, sent to earth to lift even the lowest spirits, and to gladden the hearts of all who gaze upon her.

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