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Default Re: Women have biological preference for pink (study)

Originally Posted by Emily
it turns out that those supposedly outmoded Old World notions of the differences between femininity and masculinity were right after all -- they have a solid grounding in fact. By contrast, modern material ideologies are being exposed as nothing more than ideologically-driven hoaxes.

Very much so. The shrillness of the cultural-materialists' indoctrination is in direct proportion to the untenability of their position. Mankind is not how they wish it to be, so they seek to refashion humanity according to their ideological scheme.

They wish: If only humanity had no gender differences; if only humanity had no desires, or personal ambition; if only humanity were identical, and no one had superior talent, or superior beauty.

In an effort to create such a world--a world of indistinguishable worker-drones, of humans reduced to farm animals in pens--they claim that their notion of humanity is the correct one.

But not only are all of their claims false, but even their ideal is corrupt. It represents not a utopia, but a dystopia of human beings reduced to lobotomized labourers, fit only for menial drudgery, with no great cultural achievements, no passion, nothing but a brain-dead, uniform existence.

Men and women are profoundly different, gloriously so--and hence, they form an ideal compliment to one another; just as in nature, the sublime compliments the beautiful. What a sad world it would be if those rich differences were eradicated. The variety in humanity, the distinctions between genders and peoples, the lofty achievements of exceptional individuals, soaring to heights which leave the rest in awe, are the very spice of life. These distinictions are what have made man great throughout history.

This topic links directly to the theme of our Web site, for the modern, ideologically-driven effort to eliminate the differences between the genders is precisely what has led to the cultural erasure of women with full, vividly feminine curves (visible markers of gender), and the imposition of an artificial, androgynous ideal.

Every plus-size goddess is a living refutation of the cultural-materialist deception, and a confirmation of traditional wisdom of gender distinctions.

Chloe Agnew in her preferred pink, from Celtic Woman's Christmas Celebration, 2007.

- Counterpoint . . .

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