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Default Re: School, students, and misplaced priorities

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
This is at the same time that schools are sending home hate mail to parents of full-figured girls, actually telling them their daughters are supposedly "overweight."

...schools are miserably failing in their academic mission, and that they should be devoting 100% of their attention and efforts to trying to educate students, not ruining their body image and breeding a generation of slaves to the diet industry.

Very true. Without any hyperbole, such notices do constitute hate mail. They are nothing less than child abuse--institutionalized child abuse.

Although we live in an overly litigious society, this is one instance in which the legal system must intervene to put a stop to this vicious harassment of young girls. When the current epidemic of weight hysteria finally subsides, any parent of a girl who was given such a notice should sue the school, or the principal, or the teacher that sanctioned its distribution, for causing irreparable harm to the girl's psyche.

The mission of schools is to educate and enrich young minds, not to foster self-loathing. Considering the shoddy condition in which the academic world finds itself today, the last thing that it should be doing is allowing pointless distractions (like harassing girls about their natural appetites) to deflect it from its primary task.

Melanie's point is a crucial one: In the face of such abusive behaviour by schools, parents must do everything that they can to defend their daughters, to protect their vulnerable psyches from this brand of institutional bullying, and to endow them with positive messages instead.

The television personality Glenn Beck (host of a daily opinion program on CNN's Headline News) recently wrote a book about some of the problems facing the U.S. today, and included a chapter about this very topic--what parents can do to foster positive body image in their daughters, in the face of the thin-supremacist onslaught by the mass media (and, sadly, the school system).

You may click on the link below to see a (very) brief video clip of Glenn Beck's program, concerning this issue.

Stock photo of two young women not starving themselves (click to view larger):

Click to enlarge

- Click to view CNN video clip

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