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Default Re: Pleasure is healthy; guilt unhealthy

Originally Posted by Emily
the best thing that any young woman can do for her health is to free herself from guilt, to eat whatever she wants, and as much as she wants, and to fully enjoy the health-giving pleasure that she feels from doing so.
Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
It's time for young women to embrace their natural tendency towards being full-figured- which leads to a happier and healthier life (and enhances feminine beauty too).

The findings in these articles should hardly be so surprising. In any other era, they would have been self-evident. And yet, in the modern day, thin-supremacist brainwashing is so prevalent that these timeless truths have become "novel" and astonishing. But they only stand to reason.

The essence of all life is that it endeavours to survive--and more than that, to thrive. The artists of the past (exemplified by the Old Master paintings cited in Kaitynn's article) understood and celebrated these life-affirming tendencies, and venerated full-figured feminine beauty as being a glorious expression of the highest fulfilment of nature's will.

But modern culture, subservient as it is to artificial ideologies that contradict and stifle human essence, opposes all of this, and enforces an unnatural aesthetic that imposes the misery of starvation as a "norm" for women. This phenomenon results from an unholy alliance between materialist philosophy (socialism and so-called "social justice") and materialism itself (commercialism). Both the modern "left" (social, not fiscal) and the modern "right" (fiscal, not social) conspire to keep the androgynous standard in place, while the old aristocratic world-view, which valorized the natural mode of life, has been displaced.

A different ideology, an ideology that eschews modernism, that rejects both philosophical materialism and dissatisfaction-based consumerism, and is instead governed by an organic view of existence, is needed to overcome the malaise of modernity, and to restore the timeless ideals of the past, which were in tune with, and celebrated, human nature.

Lively stock image of a fiery vixen, demonstrating that passionate self-indulgence is pleasurable, healthy . . . and can also be quite alluring.

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