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Default Re: Curves that men REALLY adore

Originally Posted by Graham
From yesterday's issue of The Mirror, here's a surprisingly pro-plus (and truthful) article revealing ...that the fullness of a woman's figure, a figure exhibiting all manner of curves (not just media-sanctioned curves, but the many soft curves of plus-size beauty), is a considerable turn-on for most men.

True, the fact that this particular aesthetic preference is being acknowledged is surprising, but there is nothing surprising about the information itself. When the media speaks of "curves," it means something artificial and repellent--silicone lumped onto a skeletal frame. When real men (men who actually find women attractive) think of curves, they mean "the many soft curves of plus-size beauty," as the poster states.

Earlier this year, we composed an essay about the "secret" male attraction to a well-fed, womanly figure. The hijacking of popular culture by fringe individuals with marginal tastes (alien to Western aesthetic history) has caused this natural human preference to become culturally "erased," driven underground, and made to seem an anomaly, when in fact it is the norm; just as the attraction to skin and bones, which is the true aberration, has been disguised as a mainstream preference.

This inversion of genuine popular will with peripheral predispositions is commonplace in today's society. It is seen in what currently passes for art, for music, and for literature. The topic of our forum merely provides one of the more glaring examples of this ruinous phenomenon.

It is high time for the populace to reject the imposition of an alien aesthetic, to take the tiller of culture and steer it onto its traditional course--a course that nurtured a healthy society, and led to some of the greatest artistic creations the world has ever known.

Highly sensual image of European model Gaynor Anema, showing off the soft, full waist that men find irresistibly attractive.

- Beauty before the cultural takeover . . .

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