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Default Re: Montreal bans underweight models

Originally Posted by MelanieW
It's like banning steroids and other toxic drugs in sports, and must be enforced just as stringently, by independent testers.

Excellent article.

Melanie's comparison, quoted above, is extremely apt, since protracted starvation is even more debilitating to the human body than is the use of steroids and similar substances.

And the pessimistic assessment of the fashion industry's action on these matters is, regrettably, all too accurate. That is why external pressure--regulation, as a matter of fact--is so urgently needed. So far, the industry has done very little to police itself, even in the face of actual death by members of its community (let alone the widespread harm that it causes to young women in general). This Montreal example is a tragically rare instance of positive action. Independent oversight is required--now.

And let us remember that besides banning underweight models, an equally urgent necessity is mandating the use of genuinely full-figured models, in magazines and in fashion shows, to finally provide young women with a healthier ideal of womanly beauty.

Our favourite Quebec-based model, the ravishing Justine Legault, size 14 (Ford Toronto/Scoop Montreal):

- Her gallery . . .

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