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Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
Fuller-figured women look at themselves in the mirror and know that they look better; plus, their significant others find them wildly beautiful.

And instead of wasting their time imprisoned in a gym, they are free to enjoy life to the fullest- eating whatever they like, and doing whatever makes them happy.

These findings are encouraging.

How regrettable (if predictable), though, that they have received virtually no attention in the press. It certainly serves the diet industry's purposes to perpetuate the myth that being full-figured leads to unhappiness, and that self-deprivation is the snake oil that will solve any problem (problems that have been caused by dieting in the first place).

In fact, food-deprivation only leads to constant misery and general irritability, and exercise-torture robs a woman of precious moments that she could be devoting to enjoyable activities, such as spending time with friends and family, watching a film, reading a book, or just relaxing. And money that she surrenders to gyms or weight-loss regimens could better be spent adorning herself in attractive fashions, or adopting a voluptuous new hairstyle.

The fact that eating well strengthens relationships is self-evident. A more womanly figure will turn a woman into a goddess (to the delight of her gentleman), and her own increased happiness will in turn make her more enjoyable to be with.

The health benefits of being full-figured have been well established, but these results speak of the tremendous improvement in a woman's quality of life when she allows her figure to ease into its naturally generous size.

Marrit, size 14/16 (Ford S.F.):

Exuding the happiness that only comes from not starving . . .

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