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Default Re: Extra weight is healthy (study)

Originally Posted by MelanieW
Proof, once and for all, that for women, being full-figured leads to a healthier you (and a more beautiful you as well - not to mention a more pleasurable life).

So very true. Now that the medical field has confirmed what many of us already suspected (and what bygone generations knew intuitively), there is simply no reason for full-figured women ever to starve or torture themselves again. Why should they deprive themselves of any enjoyment that life can offer them--food most of all?

Being naturally curvy has always allowed women a better quality of life, but this study's findings--verifying the health benefits of being full-figured--even offer the possibility of a greater quantity of life.

Typically, the results of this study were immediately drowned out in the mainstream press by another wave of weight hysteria (funded by the diet industry), but the truth can only be suppressed for so long, and the ideal of timeless femininty--a healthier ideal as well as a more beautiful one, as it turns out--will eventually be restored.

Shannon Marie, from an ad series in the final issues of Mode magazine. The clothing was...what it was, in those days, but even through the sheer cover over the dress, one can perceive the model's attractively full legs and soft, shapely arms.

This has always been our favourite commercial campaign. Just look at those baby-soft facial features, the peaches-and cream complexion, the voluminous golden hair, and her mischevous pout. Shannon Marie was, and remains, the most gorgeous plus-size model of all.

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