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Default Re: ANOTHER model starves to death

Originally Posted by Emily
This has to be the most disgusting excuse the fashion industry could use to keep excluding naturally-proportioned womanly beauty, and to maintain its poisonous emaciated standard. The thinking is utterly sociopathic: "My creativity is more important than women's lives" is what they are saying.

How can any human being be so devoid of basic ethics as to think this way? Why does society allow individuals who are so pathologically self-absorbed to control culture? It's unbelievable. The causing of human death is still a criminal act. Or does society think that fashion stands above that?

There is no other industry--none--that has such exorbitant control over people's lives, causes such widespread suffering (and even death), and is completely free of any accountability. To read of this model's illness, to see the picture of her looking like a living corpse, and to know that her short life was marked by such misery--caused by the industry for which she slaved--is heartbreaking.

This photographer's efforts are indeed noble, but he is practically fighting a one-man war. No one is supporting him, no one is following his lead, and apart from a few toothless guidelines in a few countries, nothing at all is being done to prevent more models from dying--let alone to stop the epidemic of eating-disorder-related deaths among young women worldwide, especially in the West.

What would these designers say if it was their own daughter, or their own sister, who succumbed to the inhuman standards that they impose? In all likelihood, they still wouldn't care. As Emily notes, their self-absorption is practically sociopathic. How else to categorize an insistence on one's own creative vision at the expense of millions of women's happiness--indeed, their very lives?

Worst of all, what these cultural arbiters create isn't even anything noble or significant. It contributes nothing to human history. A few weird cuts of fabric, designs that are "in" one day, and "out" the next--and they are killing women for this? For this? A more futile waste of human life is impossible to conceive.

Thank goodness that some models have circumvented the regime of thinness, and either avoided the starvation prison to begin with, or escaped once they realized that it could only lead them to a fate as tragic as Hila Elmalich's.

Kate Dillon being pampered in Mode--Kate, the model who DIDN'T starve to death, but blossomed into a size-16 beauty, indulging herself freely, and living the good life that only plus-size goddesses can lead.

Compare this image of the well-fed, ebullient Ms. Dillon to that of the emaciated Hila Elmalich, above, and ask yourself--which is the life that you would rather lead?
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