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Default Re: Plus-size is the new healthy

Originally Posted by Emily
It comes with an absolutely brilliant editorial illustration, showing a Shannon-Marie-like blonde beauty using her generous hip to knock the crown off a malnourished brunette pageant winner. It's as if Helen of Troy came back to Earth, to reclaim her title of ideal beauty.

Has there ever been a more perfect graphic illustrating the Aesthetic Restoration?

The illustration is sheer genius, and better expresses the theme of our Web site than the longest essay ever could. It even captures the "restoration" aspect of that favourite phrase of ours--aesthetic restoration. A "restoration" is, of course, the term for the reinstatement of a sovereign, a monarch. And the way in which the blonde beauty is reclaiming her crown in the graphic, and displacing a pretender to the throne, represents our own premise, whereby timeless beauty--the aesthetic of ideal femininity that dominated Western culture from the dawn of Classical civilization until modernism's cultural coup, early in the 20th century--will return to cultural prevalence, and dethrone the androgynous standard that has been imposed for the past hundred years.

The findings described in Kolata's article also underscore the natural basis for this timeless preference. The legitimacy of the aristocratic ideal of full-figured beauty flows not merely from its aesthetic superiority, but from the fact that it embodies a natural and--as has finally been proven--healthy standard of appearance for women. This notion of the congruence between beauty and health also originated in the Classical world, and was codified by the Neoplatonists, who affirmed that, just as in nature, the full-blooming beauty of flowers and fruits indicates the goodness of the living organisms, so the luscious attractiveness of well-fed goddesses testifies to their own robust vitality. "A healthy appetite" has always meant "a generous appetite," and one of the prime characteristics of Aphrodite/Venus, the Classical goddess of beauty, was her self-indulgent nature and uninhibited love of food.

Only in the modern era have these natural principles been upended, and an absurd, artificial ideal put in their place, whereby self-deprivation and starvation (traditional markers of unattractiveness) have been enshrined as some sort of standard of appearance. But studies such as those cited in Kolata's article are finally confirming the superior wisdom of the Ancients--in this, as in many things--and no matter how deeply-entrenched the Modernist pretenders to the throne may be, their rotten ideological edifice is crumbling around them, and we will yet see true beauty bloom again in the world, and the timeless ideal regain its rightful crown.

Shannon Marie, loveliest of all goddesses, in the most gorgeous picture that any plus-size model has ever created:

- Timeless Beauty

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