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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

Whitney IS stunningly beautiful, and I adore her for her confidence. She reminds me of Christina Schmidt that way. Ive long hoped to see a plussize contestant who would proudly say that she "should be the ideal American woman".

The one criticism that the judges made of her is actually a valid one - models should never, EVER suck in their cheeks. Plussize models have gorgeous faces exactly BECAUSE theyre round, and models should never try to hide this. A comfortable, natural facial expression is best, especially when a model has as beautiful a face as Whitney does.

Interestingly, Whitney used to be a straight-size model, and in her old pictures, you can see how painfully malnourished she was. She was obviously starving herself at this time, and desperately needed to start eating normally.

She looked like a famine victim, and was definitely meant to be fuller-figured. It has infinitely improved her beauty, especially her face, which now looks soft and lovely, whereas before it was too hard.

I really appreciate Whitneys look, although I wish she were a bit fuller, and Im thrilled with her attitude. Im not a fan of ANTM, which is basically anti-plus, but I will tune in to the program for however many weeks Whitney is on it.
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