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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

Originally Posted by HSG
The biggest challenge is...waking up every morning and saying, "I'm more beautiful than all of you because I have a body

I've been in awe of Whitney's beauty ever since I first learned of her presence on American's Next Top Model from this post, but even more exciting is the fact that she has such an admirably pro-plus attitude to go with her looks. I wish every single girl who has ever struggled with body image could hear this interview with Whitney. It's the closest thing to true size-celebration I've ever encountered on national television.

It's the words quoted above that I find especially inspiring. They remind me of the basic tenet of The Judgment of Paris:

"Plus size models are not beautiful despite the fact that they're full-figured,
or beautiful and just happen to be full-figured.
Rather, plus-size models are beautiful because they're full-figured."

Whitney knows she's attractive because she has a body, and her skeletal competitors do not. It's the fact that she actually eats that makes her so gorgeous.

It's so obvious that she's the only girl on the show who actually possesses supermodel-level beauty. If she doesn't win (as she should, in any sane world), it will only show, yet again, how warped the fashion world really is.
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