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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.3

I agree that Whitney looked stunning in the ribbon-like white outfit. I was ecstatic when I saw those images during the show. I kept thinking, "She looks like an Amazon" -- not as a warrior, but as a princess. Her posing in that post-makeover shoot was especially inspired -- very languid and graceful. Whitney is rather on the slim side, but what makes her figure so beautiful is that she doesn't have an unnaturally caved-in waist, but a full, curvy midriff.

Then, my joy turned to dismay when I saw the outfit that they straitjacketed her into for the lingerie shoot. I was incensed, but Tyra redeemed the show with her comments. It was the most size-positive assertion she's ever made on ANTM.

Oh, one other thing that I find especially attractive about Whitney is her lips. They're delicately shaped, in the timeless manner; not at all like the collagen-bloated look that Hollywood pushes today.

I do wish her complexion was a little fairer, as I think it would go even better with her new blonde tresses -- which I adore. The hairstyle reminds me of Chloe Agnew's. Lovely, lovely girl.
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