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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.3

Originally Posted by Emily
one other thing that I find especially attractive about Whitney is her lips. They're delicately shaped, in the timeless manner; not at all like the collagen-bloated look that Hollywood pushes today.

YES. That's so true. She has a textbook-perfect Caucasian mouth, and God forbid anyone in the industry tries to change this beautiful feature.

The pictures of her in the white tape/ribbon outfit, especially seen from the side, are just about the loveliest images that have ever been broadcast on network TV. The other models looked like famine victims in that getup, all bones and angles (ugh!), but Whitney looked like a true goddess - her naturally soft and shapely waist being her loveliest feature.

At least one photographer on this anti-plus show (the photog who was taking those images) understands how to pose and shoot a curvy model to allow her to look beautiful. He got it right. Too bad the lingerie team, later in the episode, got it so wrong.
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