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Default Re: Dispose with fashion (article)

That is a devastating article, and another powerful rebuke of the fashion industry. It can only be a matter of time before women finally wake up and realize that they have been unwittingly allowing themselves to be tortured by the fashion industry, by a small group of fringe individuals with grotesque tastes who do nothing but cause widesperad misery, and who have been allowed to create a self-serving monopoly on the backs of the very women whom they victimize.

A small comment in the following article called "Let's Bring Back..." sees the truth behind fashions smoke and mirrors:

The pertinent point:

Let's bring back...

3. Curves on runways. The models at New York Fashion Week looked like they'd split a single head of cabbage among all of them and lived on it for a month. Power curves are gorgeous. [Fuller-figured models] looked hot. Like women you'd want to sink your teeth into. Totally unlike those gristly scraps of chicken bone dragging themselves down the runways these days.
So true.

I see indications of growing social frustration such as this all the time, but the critiques need to be translated into action - into legislation, banning from fashion shows and magazine those designers who persist in using underweight models.
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