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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.4

Whitney continues to dazzle, more so every week. She is making the most of her long tresses, which enhance her beauty immeasurably. No small part of my interest in the show now is seeing what kind of hairstyles she'll be wearing from challenge to challenge.

All of her previous high points are becoming even more attractive -- her flawless facial features, her softly girlish voice, and her body-confidence. Bravo to the show for going from a hide-the-curves to a show-the-curves philosophy, when it comes to Whitney's figure. And in terms of pure modelling technique, she outstrips the other girls as much as she outshines them all in beauty.

I still wish she were a bit fuller-figured, but she is otherwise a dream-come-true contestant. Above all, I hope her presence on the show reminds the public of what a truly beautiful, feminine face looks like -- round, with a soft chin, a delicate nose and lips, and high cheekbones; not harsh and androgynously angular, as is so common in the modelling world today.

I wasn't fond of the styling in the "meat" shoot, but I nevetheless enjoyed it. There was something...primal about it. It reminded me of an anthropology text that was once discussed on this site, in which the author noted the reciprocal relationship between men and women in Paleolithic times, with women exchanging their affection for the meat provided by the male hunters (the women desiring the meat for iron content, but also for purely appetitive reasons).
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