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Default St. Patrick's: The Day of Beauty

Today is, of course, St. Patrick's Day, and the occasion reminds us just how many of the goddesses whom we celebrate at this site are Irish, or of Irish descent.

Among them is the exciting Charlotte Coyle:

The angelic Chloe Agnew:

The vivacious Kailee O'Sullivan:

The well-known Kate Dillon, seen here in a landscape that recalls the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle:

And the most gorgeous of all plus-size models, and the loveliest woman ever photographed, Shannon Marie:

Indeed, so many of the loveliest women in the world are Irish that St. Patrick's deserves to be regarded as "the feast day of timeless beauty."

The following video shows Chloe Agnew, the lead singer of Celtic Woman, performing a song called "Sigma" in the indigenous Gaelic language of Ireland.

Note the enchanted setting in which she is pictured, the landscape of a country that is itself as beautiful as its fair daughters.

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