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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.5

I was anxiously looking forward to the screencaps from this episode! Whitney did look incredible, and I thought her picture was the best of the lot.

Besides Shannon Marie and Lisa Whelchel (two of the loveliest curvy girls ever) do you know who else she resembles? Sophie Dahl- the first and most beautiful of the few true plus-size "supermodels." I am infatuated with her look.

Even the criticisms of Whitney are actually compliments. For example in the show, one of the rival contestants says of her:

"Whitney is just like one of those girls that you just hate in high school; like, the cheerleaders who are with all the football players"
But that's not what plus-size girls "hate" about Whitney, but what they love about her. They desperately want to have a representative who embodies that look. They want to know that the full-figured girl can be that "head cheerleader" type, the prom queen.

The other reason why I think Whitney is becoming more attractive every week is because her skin tone is getting lighter in the New York environment. She was a bit over-tanned at first, but now her complexion is becoming more natural, more Rubenesque and angelic.

She really is like a contestant who was made to order for fans of plus-size beauty. I never thought ANTM would ever find such a pretty girl, with such a timeless look.
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