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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.5

Whitney would be the prettiest contestant on the show even if all of the other models were plus-size too. Her face is...incredibly lovely. She is also extremely entertaining. She's the life of the show, no doubt about it, and her timing is priceless.

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
They want to know that the full-figured girl can be that "head cheerleader" type, the prom queen.

I have no doubt that this is true. It's also the most compelling image to present if you want to persuade young men that they should follow their hearts and pursue the curvy girls they truly desire, not the skinny girls they're told they should desire.

The "head cheerleader" comment also reminded me of something I read on the forum a long time ago - a short vignette written by Gabrielle Taber, called "The Rock Star I Saw at the Mall":

In it, Gabrielle enthused about seeing a young size-16 girl who was clearly the prom-queen type in a group of friends; the princess, the queen bee:

Her blonde wavy hair was flying every which way, as she led her group of friends from shop to shop....She looked confident, happy, self-possessed and, well, trendy. Her friends, (none of whom were proportioned as generously as she,) were all ooh-ing and aah-ing at every comment she made. It seemed that it was she who had won the crown of Miss Popularity, as she paraded down the mall with her posse of seven.
With Whitney as the natural leader in ANTM's group of models, I think she embodies that image very well - and I'll bet that all of the young plus-size girls who are watching the show find it really empowering.
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