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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.5

Originally Posted by HSG
Most notable was this breathtaking headshot--one of the most beautiful stills that we have ever encountered, and one in which Whitney's resemblance to Shannon Marie is most pronounced.

Her facial features look irresistibly soft and full, and her smile is warm and gentle. With her rosy cheeks and halo of golden hair, she truly resembles an angel in human form.

Utterly adorable image. It's the kind of ideal presentation of timeless facial features that you can only find as a screencap or candid. How I wish photographers of plus-size models would take official pictures such as these, highlighting soft features.

I adore her makeover too. I wish she would grow out her own hair to that length (real tresses look even more attractive than extensions). Whitney was fortunate that she came into the competition with her other hairstyle. If she'd had long blonde hair to begin with, it would have been cut and dyed dark, but this way, the transformation gave her long, blonde hair (which adds so much to her beauty) for most of the competition.
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