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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.6

MAJOR kudos to Whitney for being the only plus-size model ever to be called out first in panel. And applause for the guest photographer, Russell James, for selecting a plus-size model over the skinny girls as the best model in the shoot. At least someone in the fashion world isn't a slave to the anorexic look.

Not being a fan of grunge, I agree that a "classical" image would have been more attractive, but it wasn't even an option at the shoot. The only genres that might have been pretty were pop and country, but the outfits for those genres were costumey rather than cute, so the wardrobe for the shoot was a write-off to begin with. Whitney did the best with what she was given, and was rightly rewarded for it.

There was an adorably girlish moment from Whitney when she was asked to ascend the ladder for the shoot, and she mentioned that she was afraid of heights. She has such an endearing personality, surpassed only by her physical beauty. I love listening to her voice.

Tyra definitely recognizes her talent, as indicated by her praise of Whitney's posing. BTW, it was great to see Whitney in red for that segment, rather than the ubiquitous black.
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