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Default Re: Fashion still starving its models

The article is significant for many reasons.

It recognizes that the problem in the fashion industry has nothing to do with the promotion of "beauty." Not in the least. The current modelling standard is in no way beautiful, but is the very opposite, consisting as it does of an "androgynous underweight appearance."

It is encouraging to see this dismal fact being recognized outside of this forum.

The problem in fashion is emaciated androgyny, not beauty. And in fact, if womanly beauty were mandated to return to fashion, size-celebration would follow with it.

More importantly, the article points out that all of the "talk" by designers and magazine editors about fashion's culpability in the spread of eating disorders has yielded zero results. The opponents of fashion-industry starvation are at last beginning to recognize these people (the so-called "guiding lights" of fashion) for what they are--pariahs on society, concerned only with their own warped visions, and sociopathically indifferent to whatever harm their industry is inflicting on the public.

But the eating-disorder specialists still betray some of their naivete when they assume that the fashion representatives' talk is "well-intentioned." It is not. The talk is only meant "to keep them out of trouble," only meant to deflect attention away from themselves, and to give the illusion that something is happening, when nothing whatsoever is being done.

The models in fashion shows are all still anorexic. Actresses are still emaciated. Billboards, magazine covers, all mandate starvation and exclude any acknowledgment of plus-size beauty.

No designer has adjusted his or her aesthetic. No magazine has changed in any way.

Clearly and indisputably, only aggressive and determined government intervention will ever induce the reform in fashion and the media that is urgently required--for the health of young women, and of society as a whole.

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