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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.7

I thought it was ridiculous that they sent a plussize model on a go-see to a client that would never book a plussize girl. What was the point?

But how foolish on the designers part not to alter her aesthetic. The moment she saw Whitney in her dress, Pamella Roland should have realized that a plussize model could show it off better than any waif ever could. And such a pretty dress too.

But its wonderful to know that Whitney will be in Seventeen. If only she could win the whole contest! I know - it cant happen, which is terribly disappointing.

I agree that this was the best ANTM shoot yet, and I actually thought many of Whitneys smiling pictures were even better than the final one which they chose for the judging.

BTW, here is a HQ version of that final "full-figured fetus" pic. It IS beautiful - like a fantasy, as Nigel said.
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