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Default Re: Kailee: New Polaroids

Kailee also appears in the spring plus-size catalogue for the German retailer Otto.

She is even their cover girl:

Unfortunately, I think the catalogue was shot in the regrettable period when Miss O'Sullivan diminished a little in size and therefore beauty. That, or the photographer went out of his way not to show Kailee's curves. The clothing is too formless, for the most part, and what's worse is that Otto clearly still subscribes mostly to the outdated faux-plus notion of full-figured models.

The only pictures that exhibit some trace of Kailee's curves might be this one:,fl,flash_kat1

and this one:,fl,flash_kat1

So while it's nice to see them using Kailee, I wish she'd been a little fuller-figured for the shoot. Her current appearance, based on her latest David's Bridal pictures, is SO much lovelier.

The direct link to the catalogue is here:
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