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Default Scenic Torrid

Like everyone else, I'm eagerly awaiting Christina Schmidt's next Torrid shoot, but in the meantime, I found several really pretty pictures of Torrid girls in some of the loveliest settings I've ever seen.

I wish it was Christina or Kelsey in the pictures (the models look a little stiff), and I've noticed that some of the newest items in the "Tops" and "Dreses" sections of the Torrid site are much prettier and more feminine than these outfits, but WOW, what lovely settings.

I also noticed a new catalogue picture of Lindsey at Torrid, in a lovely wedding dress - also photographed in a natural environment.

I don't think I've ever seen Torrid catalogue shots in natural settings before, so it's wonderful to see. The backdrop adds so much to the picture, and Lindsey looks really attractive, as if she's regained some of her beautiful curves.
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