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Default Re: France fighting anorexia

This is excellent news. If the bill passes - which it should - it could finally mean some real progress in the fight against the eating disorders that the fashion industry causes and exacerbates.

Forbes recently ran an article about the same bill:

It covers the same points, but adds a worthwhile perspective from Emme:

Emme, a 44-year-old plus-size model, who uses only her first name professionally, called the bill "very gutsy."

..."It means a lot for the government to come out and admit that there's a problem."

Emme is a national ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association and has made a career promoting diversity in the media's portrayal of women. She said it's unfortunate that the government has to step in to regulate such a delicate and hazily defined issue as what constitutes a healthy versus unhealthy body image, but recognizes that the media won't change on its own.

"This obsession with size is built into society because it's such a lucrative business," Emme said, adding that government intervention is long overdue and necessary for younger generations.

"How else can we regain our self-esteem and take it out of the hands of the few marketers who are making a profit off of us?" she asked.

EXACTLY. Emme, like too many other individuals in plus-size fashion, was on the wrong side of the push to ban size-0 models (she opposed it), but at least she's on the right side of this issue. And her reasoning is dead on: It has been conclusively shown that the fashion industry, funded by diet money, will never, ever stop promoting an anorexic appearance on its own. (If anything, the models are getting skinner and skinnier.)

Through its sociopathic disregard for the harm that it has inflicted with its androgynous standard, the fashion industry has left the government no choice but to step in, to protect young women from its toxic influence.
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