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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.9

Whitney is so surpassingly gorgeous, it amazes me. Her screencaps are prettier than many models' professional test shoots. I also adore her lively personality - everything about her, as a matter of fact. It's wonderful for young curvy girls (who are so heavily influenced by television) to be seeing such a confident, beautiful plus-size model ever week. I only wish she were fuller-figured.

Regrettably, though, I agree that the show seems to be trying to manufacture an excuse to eliminate her, since it doesn't have any genuine bases for cutting her on modelling grounds. The judging was painful to watch, most of all because the criticisms were so obviously baseless - silly, in fact.

One of Whitney's statements brought up an important point:

Originally Posted by HSG
As she told her fellow contestants, "If you're going to a party and trying to impress people, then your looks are a really big thing, and being a plus-size model puts me at a disadvantage."

To their naive protestations of "No, it doesn't," Whitey replied, "Yeah, sure it does. In the modelling world. Unless it's, like, a plus-size party--in which case, you guys would not be needed."

This is so true - and this shows why a separate and distinct plus-size branch of modelling is so very necessary. It if weren't for plus-size fashion (served by models in plus-size divisions), there would be no models in the industry over a size 14 at all. The clients would all choose underweight models, as a result of their anti-plus prejudice, and the public would never, ever see any attractive fuller-figured women in the media - at all.

I admire Whitney for entering into the lion's den and surviving this long, despite the odds being stacked so heavily against her. Congratulations to her for reaching another milestone by making it to the international destination.
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