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Default Charlotte Coyle: New Torrid outtake

We were just discussing (in a different thread) the need for Wilhelmina to fully take advantage of its two most gorgeous starlets: Charlotte Coyle and Christina Schmidt, the only two models who can compete with Ford's incredible triad of superlative talent: size-18 Valerie, Barbara, and Kailee.

Fortunately, a new, never-before-seen picture of Charlotte has just appeared at the Wilhelmina site. It is an outtake from her legendary Torrid shoot of several seasons ago, which remains the most exciting campaign that the company has ever produced.

There are very few models whose every single image demands a thread of its own, but Miss Coyle is one of them, since her images are so rare--as priceless as Fabergé eggs.

In the image, Charlotte looks seductively well-fed, curvy, and deservedly delighted with herself, in full party mode, as two GQ-types look upon her buxom contours with undisguised desire. Miss Coyle is the most thrilling model working today, and with her fair hair, aquamarine eyes, and luscious figure, she is the very embodiment of the timeless ideal.

Fans continue to wait, breathless with anticipation, for her next major campaign.

- Charlotte Coyle galleries
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