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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.10

I'm not even American, and I thought the "so American" comment was insulting - and baffling. Whitney's features look true Anglo-Saxon, Nordic even (which is especially visible now that her complexion is becoming so beautifully fair).

The judges' criticisms are incomprehensible. Far from being "fake," Whitney is the most genuine of the contestants, and always has been. She doesn't have a "poker face" at all. Her true emotions are always clearly evident. The viewer always sees her sincere reactions, and she speaks from the heart.

If she were "fake," she would put on a front about being untroubled by the judges' trumped-up criticisms, but it's obvious how hurt she is by those unjust comments. They're just trying to manufacture something to critique about her, since her ability is faultless.

As for the commercial, that photoshoot director might know something about still photography, but he doesn't understand TV. The other girls' commercials were all either dull or awkward, and viewers would have changed the channel right away if any of those spots had aired. But Whitney's lively, delightful, Marilynesque ad would really have captured a viewer's attention - which is what a TV commercial is supposed to do.

A real TV director would have said, "Don't change a thing - it's perfect!"
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