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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.10

Whitney's ever-fairer complexion is definitely the secret as to why she is becoming more attractive week after week. Her skin tone now really compliments her fair hair.

And if you think about it, you couldn't script a better plus-size competitor on ANTM than Whitney. Before the show began, if we had all gathered round and listed the attributes that we wanted in an ideal plus-size representative for curvy girls, we would have said things like:
-resemblance to Shannon Marie (the ideal)
-round face
-long fair hair
-ultra-feminine, with no andogynous qualities whatsoever
-soft, girlish voice
-significant modelling talent

And besides that, Whitney's personality is made to order as well. She's a far cry from that tired old cliche of the self-effacing, meek, bland "best friend" - the stereoptype that curvy actressess in movies and TV have always been forced to portray. Instead, Whitney is the Princess, the Head Cheerleader, the Prom Queen. She's the captivating, slightly vain, slightly spoiled (but wonderfully so) centre of attention that everyone here has been hoping for. It would have been even more perfect if she'd been fuller-figured, but still, she has many of the ideal qualities.

However much farther Whitney survives in the competition, the good thing is that she has created a completely different idea in the mind of the media, and the public, of what full-figured girls are like. And it's a much more empowering and exciting idea that whatever has gone before.
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