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Default Re: Kelsey Bridal Videos

Without exaggeration, I think those videos are the most beautiful creations ever to come from Torrid. Kelsey is everyone's dream-image of the perfect bride -- youthful, fresh-faced, full-figured. She makes every gown look gorgeous.

And I have to say, much as I admire her still photographs, she looks even more beautiful in motion. The videos show her true beauty as no photograph ever has. She looks much curvier in the videos, more truly a goddess.

What makes her so stunning is that her figure is soft and natural, not "toned." It's a truly angelic, timeless look.

And she really, really knows how to work with the video camera! I never realized just how brilliant a model she is. She does so many enchanting things in the videos, like the Marilynesque open-mouthed smile that she flashes in the "Divine" gown video, or showing off her curvy arms, or the sexy way in which she takes off her Bolero in the "Doll Face" gown video...every one of the clips has her doing something special.

But above all, it's her perfect figure that makes that videos so beautiful. Her arms are soft and full, and you can see curves along her back in the appropriately-named "Vixen" gown video. And although the dresses are not tightly-fitted, in every case, you can perceive her soft, curvy waist beneath the fabric.

The gowns themselves are truly lovely as well, every one of them. I adore the fact that they're sleeveless, and come in a variety of styles. Very feminine, all.

Videos gives a much better idea of what the gowns look like than still photos, and they also show off Kelsey's beauty as it's never been shown before.
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