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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.11

First, I have to say thank you all so much.

I adore Whitney. My entire family is cheering her on.

Yeah, some of the emaciated girls could be models, but I am sooo tired of looking at those kinds of models. Fans of the skinny are outraged that Whitney can actually be liked. That her full figure could beat the size 0 ideal that they hope to starve to be. Whitney is the only one to have the looks, the personality and the poise to be a model and a Covergirl spokesperson.

She was in the bottom 2 with Lauren. Lauren couldn't walk, speak or hold herself with confidence the entire season. She was bottom 2 with Katarzyna. Katarzyna has the eyes of a dead fish and she's a major snore.

What is left is Whitney, Dominique, Fatima and Anya. I'd rather have Whitney the Warrior Princess tell me about new lipstick shades than any of these Corpse Brides.
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