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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.11

Originally Posted by HSG
the photographer and creative director faulted her for having a figure, and for showing it off

they required her to look smaller, to diminish her womanly curves. They asked her to cave in her chest, to compress herself visually. Their every direction expressed an antagonism towards voluptuousness, and a preference for a minimized shape. Other girls were unaccountably praised for exhibiting "angles" (of all things), for having figures that looked "broken." But Whitney, by nature (as a plus-size model), did not pose in that manner. Her movements adhered to an entirely different style--Classically beautiful, and therefore more appropriate for her own luscious figure, and more fitting for the opulent aesthetic of the wardrobe and the location.

I was dismayed by this as well. Whitney's initial poses were much more beautiful.

I can't blame Tyra too much, since she's been very supportive of Whitney throughout the show. But she has internalized the fashion industry's preference for angles over curves, which is all wrong.

It's this kind of thinking - favouring angular shapes over round shapes - that lead to the preference of emaciated models over shapely models in the first place. There needs to be a complete rethinking of the fundamentals of "high fashion" photography, a renewed appreciation of roundness over angularity, of soft shapes over "broken" shapes, to allow the full-figured aesthetic to return.

But I'm excited that Whitney has managed to overcome every obstacle thus far. I hope she continues to succeed.
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