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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.11

Originally Posted by HSG
Note, by the way, how appropriate are Whitney's various backdrops--the Victor Emmanuel memorial, seen earlier, and the dome of St. Peter's, shown here. As monuments to kings and popes, they invoke notions of primacy and pre-eminence (characteristics that suit Whitney extremely well).

That's a clever detail. Whoever wins the competition, I'd like to believe that those backgrounds secretly suggest that the show's producers/judges know who the real top model is, and would give her the top honour, if they were allowed to do so.

Here's a link to a high-quality version of Whitney's Renaissance picture. For me, it's tied with the "fetus" image of a few weeks ago as my favourite Whitney photograph from the show thus far.

But as with that picture, I wonder what the other photos looked like. If the screencaps are any indication, they must have been beautiful.
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