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Default Re: Whitney: CoverGirl of the Week

Whitney's popularity is genuine. I did a quick search of the blogosphere, and you'd be amazed at how many writers are vocal in their support of Whitney, and eager for her to win the competition. (I know, it can't happen -- but that doesn't stop the majority of viewers from wishing that it would.)

Here are just a few examples:

America's Next Top Model: The plus-size girl triumphs yet again! My girl Whitney will live to see the finale -- an ANTM first for anyone who eats on a regular basis. Now it's only a matter of beating wishy-washy Anya and twiggy Fatima...


I want Whitney to win on ANTM...I think it is time for a "big" girl...



When Tyra called her name second, after Anya, I let out a silent scream of elation!! (silent only because my daughter was asleep) Finally, a "real-size" model making it to the final episode! I'm over the top...I'm glad that Whit made it to the end.

Yet another:

So yeah. I will be really really pumped if Whitney wins top model next week. No other plus-size girl has ever made it this far. Not that if you saw Whitney among normal girls on the street you would even think she was plus-size. She's just a normal, healthy weight, but she looks bigger compared to the waifs on Top Model.

She also seems to have some intelligence and personality, which is not often the case with the token "f**" girls on this show. And instead of feeling threatened by the skinny girls and trying to lose weight, she is comfortable with who she is.

That's awesome!...GO Whitney!!

This is a great one:

I have been cheering for Whitney since the beginning; not only because she is the "plus size" girl, but also because she is good at it and has fun! I say "plus size" in quotes because by real world standards she isn't very big. One thing I have come to notice is the difference in that definition. In the fashion world I would be overweight, or at least plus-size...

Whitney has made it to the top four girls, and I am ecstatic! It makes the show that much more suspenseful for me. I believe she has made it farther than any other plus-size model on ANTM.

And the best is probably this one, at, of all places:

Whitney: 'America's Next Top Model''s Phat Girl

Published by MTV News on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 12:10 pm.

Being a self-proclaimed religious viewer of La Tyra's “Next Top Model,” I find this season to be the most exciting for one reason: Whitney. The stunning 20-year-old from Atlantic Beach, Florida, has gotten farther in this competition than any of the previous “plus-size” girls, and I'm sure a lot of women would agree that it's been a long time coming. Last night, although in the bottom two, she was pushed through to the final four, sending the once-favored Katarzyna packing.

I, for one, was getting a little tired of the same sort of girl winning every season, and when Whitney stepped in the room the first episode, I wondered if finally we would see a “plus-size” girl win. Modeling shows have become so popular, it's great to see a normal body type...getting closer to winning.

...What happened over the years that being malnourished has become sexy? ...I don't always want to see women that I have to kill myself to look like.

I believe the most important reason Whitney has gotten so far is her confidence and personality, a quality Tyra said was missing in many of the other plus-size girls in the past. That confidence is what truly makes a woman beautiful — as clichéd as it sounds. It's a modeling competition, so what you look like should matter most. But it's also a TV show, and personality is a big part of the equation.

Along with that personality, Whitney does have an amazing body, one that a lot of women would love to have. She is what a real woman looks like. And by the way, real women buy clothes (hint hint, retailers!), and real women probably want to see what a dress would look like on them when they flip through the magazines.

Has “ANTM” finally seen that there needs to be a lot more variety in the fashion industry? I hope so. And I hope Whitney takes this all the way.
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