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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.12

Originally Posted by HSG
Ann Shoket, however, added an remarkable comment about Whitney:

"She should use some of that va-va-va-voom to her advantage. She's totally covering up her gorgeous body here, and she kind of has to own that sexiness a little bit."

The irony of this was limitless, for two reasons: (1) just one week earlier, Tyra and Jay Manuel had actually criticized Whitney for flaunting her figure, and had required her to pose in such a way as to diminish her curves

I know! When I heard that, I nearly yelled at the TV screen. Just the week before, she'd been slammed for showing off her curves, and now, she was being faulted for not doing so. And she did show off her figure in many of the poses in the photoshoot - just not in the picture that they choose. Aaargh.

I found another pro-Whitney blog entry, this one at a great page called "Not Dieting." (The writer has apparently given up dieting for one year - go girl!)

I'm so pumped that Whitney made it to the top 3! She is the only plus-size model on the show...I think Tyra wants a plus-size girl to win because she's gotten a lot of flak in the past from not letting a curvy model claim the prize. She talks a big game about size acceptance, but can she deliver? I hope so.

I noticed Whitney took Tyra's advice from last time, which was to not flaunt her boobs and booty. Tyra said modeling is not about overt sexuality (it isn't?) for bigger girls. She said plus-size models need to tuck in their bums and curve in their chests to look less... overt. This episode, the judges said they wish Whitney showed off her body more in her recent photo shoot. They seemed puzzled that she wasn't drawing attention to her curves. Tyra didn't say anything, but the camera flashed to her and she looked secretly embarrassed.

Why is society so uncomfortable seeing provocative, sexy pictures of [plus-size] women? If you flip through the pages of a fashion magazine you see tons of ads with skinny models posing in extremely sexually suggestive ways. This is not the case for plus-size models. Usually, they are posed to look friendly and harmless.

I'm glad that usually, Whitney (and the best plus-size models) DO pose in sexy ways. It adds excitement to the images, and actually makes the clothing look better.

Whatever happens tonight, I'm thrilled that Whitney made it this far - are more importantly, that she kept her size-positive attitude throughout the show.
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