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Default Alternative-reality TV commercial

This TV commercial is so brilliant that you have to see it to believe it.

It shows an "alternative reality" world in which plus-size girls, rather than anorexics, are the ideal of beauty.

The commercial shows an underweight woman walking along the streets, lonely, as she sees a full-figured beauty getting married.
Next, she sadly drives the streets in her car, passing by a huge billboard featuring a plus-size model, with the word "Bella" (beautiful girl) underneath.
She then encounters some men wolf-whistling at a pair of curvy girls crossing the street.
These men ignore the skinny girl, and instead ogle the buxom quartet in a convertible beside her.
Walking again, she hears a group of construction workers issue a wolf-whistle. For a moment she thinks its for her; but no, it's for a plump, voluptuous girl who passes by (looking very pleased with herself).

Miserable, the underweight woman goes home and starts eating ice-cream - and then at last a smile appears on her face.

Sounds too good to be true? Here it is:

I especially like the fact that throughout the commercial, the well-fed girls are shown as being delighted and happy, positively beaming, while the skinny girl is so gloomy - until she indulges in the ice cream.
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