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Default The media is the ''alternative reality''

The ad is completely brilliant, and a joy to watch. The interesting thing about it, though, is that it isn't really an "alternative" reality at all -- at least compared to the real world. It is an "alternative reality" though compared to the media world.

In real life, full-figured girls do get married to attractive men, and curvy girls do earn more appreciative glances and wolf whistles than flat-chested, underweight women. Only in the mass media is all the attention given to emaciated types.

Notice that the most startling and unexpected image in the commercial is not any of the shots of the voluptuous women being ogled and appreciated (which is a part of actual life), but the image of the curvy girl in the billboard -- because that ad is genuinely different from what people see in the real world.

This ad, therefore, depicts a world that is much closer to real life than what television and movies generally show. The false world of the modern media is the true "alternative reality," in presenting androgynous models as somehow attractive or desirable, rather than the well-fed, feminine girls who actually are appreciated by most men.
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