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Default Valerie: Fairest angel

Today is the day of the size 18s.

Not long after the release of exciting new images of size-18 Wilhelmina legend Megan Garcia, Ford has debuted lovely new Polaroids of its own size-18 beauty, the angelic Valerie Lefkowitz.

That Valerie has once again become the prettiest plus-size model is beyond question. In the history of the industry, only Shannon Marie--whom Valerie resembles--was ever (and remains) more attractive. Like Shannon, Valerie possesses an utterly ravishing complexion, the epitome of peaches-and-cream fairness. As befits a fairy-tale princess come to life, Valerie's skin truly is "as white as snow," with blushing apple cheeks that make the viewer's heart ache with longing. Couple this with her sea-blue eyes and golden tresses, and the result is nothing less than an angel in human form. By regaining fullness, Valerie has also regained her beauty, and her face possesses the roundness that once made her the most celebrated goddess of our time.

But has she recovered all of the softness that she once possessed? Her acclaimed Reitmans campaign and Interweave Crochet page argue yes, while these images are less decisive. Her top fits loosely, suggesting the pear-shaped proportions of the Classical ideal, but not quite defining them. Valerie was once universally celebrated as having the best legs of any model in the industry, utterly soft and free of muscle "tone," and her capris reveal that perhaps she has regained her pre-eminence in this regard as well.

And yet the mystery may be part of Miss Lefkowitz's continued fascination. The viewer remains uncertain, eager for more, breathlessly hoping for further images that might show off the full measure of Valerie's beauty.

A closer view reveals that Miss Lefkowitz does possess a seductively buxom figure (and one wonders what the significance of her locket might be). Yet her arms--their beauty is not fully disclosed, further adding to the mystery of her current look.

One final close-up (viewable at the link below) leaves the viewer more unsure than ever. In her heyday, Valerie possessed the "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat," yet this is not indicated here. Is she lovely? Yes. At 5'8 and a size 18, is she the prettiest model in the industry? Unquestionably. But does she have the soft fullness that once made her an unrivalled beauty, a muse who would inspire the greatest flowering of human creativity, and utterly transform the world?

We eagerly await her next campaign, or next full-fledged test shoot, to know for certain.

- Click to view Polaroid sheet
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