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Default Re: Kailee: More at Davids Prom

It's a pity that two of the original five videos are no longer available. These remain the most beautiful film presentations of plus-size clothing that we have ever seen, and are such captivating exhibitions of a perfectly Classical figure that it is well worth featuring a series of screen captures from each.

The white dress clip (now deleted) offered the best display of Kailee's soft curves, not to mention her modelling talent.

Notice how she begins with a cute smile on her face.

As she commences her turn, the viewer can perceive the roundness of her waist (note the shadow at the midriff).

When she passes through in profile, he silhouette reveals how buxom she is.

But it is when she turns through the reverse view that the beauty of Kailee's dress (and figure) becomes most apparent. The gown daringly shows off Miss Sullivan's most appealing feature: the undulating curves along her back.

Nothing could be most sensual and attractive than this faithful presentation of the model's soft beauty.

* * *

The most opulent of this year's David's Prom gowns was this elaborately ruffled green masterpiece, and again, Kailee presented it in the most stunning manner imaginable. It seemed to bring out her true, Romantic nature, and never has she appeared more princess-like.

She begins by flashing an adorable smile.

As she starts her turn, notice how buxom she is, and how the dress provides a dizzying presentation of her generous curves.

The profile view shows off her voluptuous silhouette.

Kailee's long tresses flow freely as she turns.

And when she comes to rest, the close fit of the dress is shown to best effect. A voluptuous vixen in such regal attire would capture any man's heart at a prom, and in this gown, Kailee appears to be the most beautiful of all goddesses.

* * *

To display the next dress, Kailee begins with a more thrillingly vain expression, her apple-cheeked visage looking particularly lovely. The gown is cut low to display her ample charms.

As she turns, the viewer sees how snugly the dress embraces her sumptuous figure.

The profile shows the most luscious of all silhouette-views of Kailee, exhibiting her generous reverse-view contours.

The next frame is even more alluring, showing how Kailee possesses every feature of a Classical figure: a full bust, waist, and hips. Every womanly detail that androgynous waifs lack, Kailee possesses in abudence.

* * *

The navy dress was perhaps the least interesting of this year's David's Prom line, a bit too simple in design--although, like the rest, it was beautifully cut at the bust.

Kailee beings the presentation with another enchanting smile, and observe how the wind catches her tresses and allows them to flow in a most romantic manner.

Notice the soft curve along her side as Kailee begins her turn.

The model looks especially buxom in this gown,

and graceful as well. Her rotation is as smooth and poetic as the movements of a ballerina.

* * *

In the final dress, the model's updo is perhaps a tad less exciting than her other, more free-flowing hairstyles; but, as we shall see, it effectively allows the figure to be displayed.

The dress accentuates her voluptuous attributes, as do all of these gowns.

But the real allure of the gown derives from how it showcases the wearer's bare back. Observe how soft and attractive this aspect of model's figure appears.

There is a palpable look of fullness, particularly in the curve along the edge of the dress.

Those details make this gown intensely alluring, because it functions as a frame for the most attractive accessory of all--the model's own well-fed figure.

* * *

Three of the above dresses--the green, brown, and navy items--are still available at, as are their corresponding videos, and you may click on the original links provided in this thread to view the clips. Be sure to do so, as these remain the finest clothing videos that any company has yet produced.

Miss O'Sullivan is breathtaking in print, and, if anything, even more gorgeous in motion pictures. Fans continue to eagerly anticipate her every campaign.

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