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Default Barbara Brickner in Figure!

Now, this is something to get excited about. Barbara Brickner will be making her first-ever appearance in the editorial pages of Figure magazine in the Sept/Oct edition.

The issue isnt out yet here in Canada, but the Figure site features an online preview of the editorial, here:

By far the most attractive image is this one. I usually dont care for walking/running shots, but Barbara makes this look gorgeous, and Ive never seen a pose quite like this from her before. I love the movement in her hair. Plus, you can see her curvy abdomen. Its a good dress too - a nicely abbreviated length, a fun colour pattern, and showing off some decolletage:

The other great photo in the editorial is this one, with Barbara in a sleeveless dress, fitted enough to suggest a curvy midriff and womanly proportions. And what a passionate pose...

There is symmetry in the fact that Figure has finally managed to persuade Barbara to appear in its pages, since she was (with Shannon Marie) one of the two models who made MODE so magical. The photos arent quite as exciting as, say, MODEs on-location swimwear editorials with Barbara, but they are very effective clothing promotions. Barbara has given Figure a much-needed dose of excitement, as only she can.

Sadly, we all know that the editorial content of Figure is nowhere near as size-positive as that of MODE. But in at least one editorial per issue, the magazine does feature one of the industrys most celebrated goddesses; and that, along with the fact that it maintains a waif-free environment, makes it a vital magazine.

And hopefully, the presence of Barbara in its pages suggests that it might still be improving. I cant wait for the issue to arrive.
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