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Default Re: Whitney: CoverGirl ad #3

Originally Posted by HSG
The commercial is a remarkably sincere and thoughtful presentation by CoverGirl, with no product placement whatsoever--just a heartfelt portrait of a model and her relationship to her family.

It is such a refreshing change from the degenerate and vulgar social image that the fashion industry usually presents, a wholesome and even tender picture showing what the fashion industry could be all about.

Very true. Watching this ad, I am moved by its sincerity. The fashion industry is usually rather down on family values, so to see a celebration of those themes is refreshing and encouraging.

And how appropriate that those values appear in a commercial featuring a plus-size model -- a model who represents a more natural ideal of beauty.

In both the choice of model and the theme of the ad, this is far superior to what the media usually produces, and I'm sure that it will resonate with viewers. Why doesn't the fashion industry adopt such an approach more often? Hopefully, this commercial will prompt other companies to follow suit.
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