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Default Re: Valerie: Fairest angel

Valerie is now a size 16 not an 18--a regrettably development, as figure diminishment also threatens any model's facial beauty (whereas Valerie's facial features were so gorgeous during her recent Reitmans and Lion Brand campaigns). The consolation, however, is that Ford has finally released new Polaroids which do define her stunning body shape. Being size 16 at 5'8 still endows her with luscious, curvy proportions, which these images demonstrate admirably well.

The styling is simple--a white top and jeans--but on Valerie's pear-shaped figure, the jeans are given attractive, feminine contours. The top also reveals her buxom curves.

The sight of Valerie's golden curls gently spilling over her shoulder adds immeasurably to the beauty of the pictures. One thinks, "This is what a fairy-tale princess would look like if she were to doff her ornate gowns and don casual attire." Yet the storybook charm of her beauty is still vividly apparent. And above all, Valerie's womanly figure gives the images an intoxicating sensual allure.

Although she was even more beautiful at a size 18, Valerie still possesses an appealing figure--among the best of any model currently working. We earnestly hope to see her in future campaigns
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