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Default Dimpled knuckles

Originally Posted by MelanieW
I also really adore a particular detail: note the dimples at her knuckles. That is one of the loveliest traits of plussize beauty, and only the prettiest goddesses have it.

Here is Kelsey's portion of the Torrid ad--and what a lovely image it is. The blouse is modest but pretty, and the ribbon in the hair is adorable. She looks like a beautiful, young, well-fed schoolgirl.

But the most enchanting element in the image, as Melanie notes, is the sight of Kelsey's dimpled knuckles. As we noted in a forum post of several years ago, this is one of the most alluring characteristics of true femininity. It attests to the most pampered softness, betokening a lifestyle of ease and pleasure that is eminently suitable for a full-figured goddess.

That Miss Olson possesses this sensual trait is extremely appropriate, and contributes greatly to her timeless beauty.
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