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Default Whitney: CoverGirl ad #4

The fourth in the series of CoverGirl TV commercials starring ANTM Cycle 10 winner Whitney picks up where the previous ads left off in providing viewers with a 360-degree view of Miss Thompson's life as a model.

The commercials seem to be alternating between glimpses of her personal and professional life. The first ad noted her homesickness in New York, which paid off in the third commercial, which featured a visit from her family. The second ad showed Whitney going on castings and go-sees, which pays off in this most recent commercial, which shows the model at a genuine photo shoot.

Miss Thompson is shown posing in a royal blue gown in an opulent setting--and a well-chosen setting at that, since a Manhattan ballroom makes for a much more elegant location than a bare studio backdrop. Notice Whitney deliberately finding angles to show off her curves.

Next we see a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the preparation for the shoot, with Whitney and her photographer selecting the appropriate wardrobe. It is gratifying to see the contrast in appearance between the two women--the model and the photographer--and to note that it is the model who is the more curvaceous of the two, while the photographer is underweight. This is a wonderful message for young girls to be absorbing, and may teach them to equate beauty with being full-figured, not thin.

The loveliest scene in the commercial shows Whitney in profile, her masses of blonde curls tumbling over her shoulders. She has a stunning profile, and her best side-view shots display a highly agreeable fullness in her face.

A glimpse of Whitney in the mirrors highlights what will be the focus of the ad--her eyes, and in particular, her dramatic eyeshadow.

A more distant shot again provides a wonderful opportunity to compare the body-types of the two women, and to note with pleasure that Whitney is the fuller-figured of the two.

A tight close-up shows the eyeshadow being applied. (This is, after all, a cosmetics promotion.) Note the model's green eyes, effectively framed by the blue shadow.

Extravagant makeup is difficult to execute properly without straying into excess, but the cosmetic look in this commercial strikes the ideal balance between chicness and drama.

The colour of the eyeshadow is, of course, matched to the hue of Whitney's gown.

In this stunning image, we see the dramatic effect of the cosmetics artistry. The blue plays off beautifully against the model's luxuriant golden tresses.

Several shots follow showing Whitney in a different dress, striking a number of interesting poses, including this faraway gaze (one of her better expressions).

This stance, on the other hand, is deceptively casual.

A passionate glance to the side allows Whitney to showcase her dazzling earrings. Notice the endless advantages of long, flowing hair, which can be arranged in dozens of different ways to create diverse effects--all lovely.

Two stills show the final photographic choices for each outfit--this for the checkered dress,

and this for the blue gown. The pose is absolutely mesmerizing, with Whitney clutching the banister rails as if they were prison bars, utilizing the prop as a metaphor for locked-in emotion, needing release. The bared legs adds to the frisson of the image, as do her magnificent tumbling tresses.

One final capture shows another creative pose.

Although the previous CoverGirl ads did a marvellous job of presenting Miss Thompson's life around modelling, it's wonderful to see a commercial that depicts her on a bona fide photo shoot. She is proving to be a brilliant actress, with a soft, lovely voice that endears her to every viewer.

We eagerly look forward to next week's commercial.

- Click here to watch the ad
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