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Default Re: Shannon Marie in Seventeen

I have to echo what another reader posted in a different thread, when Shannon Marie's name came up: She is simply in a different class of attractiveness from any other plus-size model, and while this site celebrates numerous full-figured beauties, she is in a category all her own. No other model can touch her, and I don't know if anyone ever will.

Even when she was so thin, she was already supremely gorgeous. But as she became curvier, she miraculously became even lovelier. Her beauty is haunting, like a subconscious archetype, a princess out of a fairy-tale, or a heroine of romance.

There would be no event more significant in the plus-size fashion world than if Shannon were to return to modelling. These days, many more full-figured women think of themselves in the manner that she represents: absolutely, unreservedly gorgeous. She was ahead of her time, and today, would be many women's ideal representative. But whether she comes back or not, her legacy in unequalled.
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