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Default Re: Shannon Marie in Seventeen

The only pity about this Seventeen editorial is that in 1998 (as was the case with the Whitney layout in 2008) the magazine selected a model on the smallest end of plus, instead of a genuinely full-figured girl. Of course, Shannon Marie's beauty transcends any categorization - but if the magazine had featured her in her 2001 form, when she was more curvaceous, the pictures, already gorgeous, would have been even more breathtaking.

No matter what, though, she's spellbinding in this layout. I used the "Pretty Cool" photo as my wallpaper, and co-workers (both genders) kept asking me all day, "Wow, who is that?" Shannon Marie casts a spell on anyone who sees her.

By the way, I think she had an affinity for the subtle, wry smile that's visible in the "Pretty Cool" page. Who can forget this Fashion Bug ad from MODE? (which was posted on the forum last year):

Again, there's that poochy half-smile, which is adorable.

And with all due respect to a certain lady in U.S. politics today, no one has ever made the beehive hairstyle look as gorgeous as Shannon did.
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