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Default Re: Whitney: CoverGirl ad #4

Interestingly, Whitney actually appeared - in spirit, if not in person - in the latest episode of ANTM. Her in-store Wal-Mart ad (which was one of her prizes as the winner of the last cycle) was unveiled during the episode's challenge:

I thought the reaction of one of the girls was especially interesting. She observed:

Whitney, Cycle 10 winner of America's Next Top Model. This is what we're trying to become. That's gonna be me, hopefully.

The key point here is that in order to "become" Whitney, the model in question (an underweight waif) would have to gain weight, and become fuller-figured.

It's thrilling to see aspiring models looking up to a plus-size model and viewing her as their ideal future self. Hopefully, Whitney will prompt a similar reaction in young women generally, who will realize that in order to achieve her level of beauty and success, they do not need to starve themselves, but instead, can eat whatever they want, and become more naturally curvy.
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