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Default Re: Shannon Marie in Seventeen

Originally Posted by HSG
The third page in the layout ... further demonstrates her balletic grace ... Shannon's movements are a study in modelling technique, as her dance-like motions constitute the best possible way to show off the eye-catching appeal of a flared skirt.

This is so true. Shannon Marie is so beautiful that it's easy to get hypnotized by her appearance, and forget just how talented she is as a model, how extraordinarily accomplished she is in terms of pure technique.

I remember in the "Modelling with Shannon Marie" article on this site (, another girl who worked with her commented on how

She was very fluid and natural in her movements and the photographer loved working with her. In fact everyone on set did.

You can see that in the movement pictures in this editorial- her innate grace, and comfort with her body.

You know, there are certain elements of Shannon Marie's look in several other popular models whom we all praise on this site (e.g., Valerie, Charlotte Coyle, Kelsey Olson, Marritt, Chloe Agnew), but really, Shannon is sui generis, in a class of her own. There is no substitute for the real thing
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